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Homeowners' Meeting held April 5, 2017

The Sunbrook Property Owners Association at Rivers Edge Annual Meeting
was held April 5, 2017 at 7:00 PM.  The meeting was held at the
Crystal Lakes Clubhouse.  Lorin Nielsen, President, welcomed those
attending.   About 30 homeowners were represented either by their presence
at the meeting or by proxy. 

Lorin asked the homeowners in attendence to stand and introduce themselves.
It was on a positive note with most homeowners expressing their love for
our neighborhood and living in the St George area.

Lorin expressed the purpose of the association and said that one thing
we were not were the enforcers of neighborhood complaints.  He suggested
that if their is a problem, that we knock on their door and discuss the problem.
He said that we need to look around and be of help to our neighbors
whenever we can.  A list of residents and their phone numbers will be
published soon on this website which can be downloaded as a pdf document.

He said that there only four lots on the street to be built and the homeowners
association functions to make sure that these homes will be built to our
HOA specs.   Jim Sommers reported that we have $3,560.92 in our bank
checking account and have a total of $15,016.27 as of this date.

Nomination were made for the two seats to be filled on the board for next
year.   John Trahey, Paul Sheffield & Mark Boren were nominated and
voted on to serve onthe board for the 2017-2018 year along with the
present board members:  Lorin Nielsen, Jim Sommers & Annette Taylor.

Delicious Costco cookies were served and the meeting was ajourned
at 8:00 pm. 



Please email Jim Sommers for a copy.

Download a copy of the CC&Rs  here.
It contains both changes to the CC&R's as approved
by the members. 

If you have any concerns or have any changes
to suggest, please send them to Lorin - lpnkrn@infowest.com

"Thanks for your help in making and keeping
Rivers Edge Lane a great neighborhood in which to live!"

  Please email any information to share to taylor.annette@gmail.com 

Questions/Additions/Corrections, please email taylor.annette@gmail.com