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Welcome to the web site for the residents and visitors of the
 Sunbrook Estates Homeowners Association of Rivers Edge.

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Your board members for the year 2017-18 are:

Lorin Nielsen, President - lpnkrn@infowest.com - 652-1185
Jim Sommers, Treasurer - jpsommer@beyondbb.com - 673-9562

Annette Taylor, Secretary - annette@annettetaylor.com - 632-6457
Paul B Sheffield - pbsbear@msn.com 
John Trahey - jantrahey@sbcglobal.net - 652-9054
Mark Boren  - mboren01@gmail.com   - 669-5420
John Fullmer -                                                           

Board Meeting Minutes 4/10/17
April 10, 2017

The board meeting was held at Lorin Nielsen's home at 7:00 PM on April 10, 2017.
Lorin Nielsen as last year's president conducted the meeting.

Board members present were: Lorin Nielsen, Jim Sommers, Paul Sheffield, John Trahey,
Mark Boren, John Fullmer and Annette Taylor

1. Keeping vacants lots cleaned and looking presentable were discussed. If lot owner does
not maintain the lot in neat and good order the association may clean the lot and charge the
owner any fees that exceed the annual paid assessment fee. Section 4 - 4.2
SEPOA's By Laws. There have been compaints on Lot 2 having dirt over the sidewalk.
It was noted that sidewalks are the homeowner's responsibility.

2. A discussion was help regarding the problem of the water drainage from Crystal Lakes
 coming down the street to our street's storm drains. It is especially bad when Crystal Lakes
drains their lakes. John Trahey will speak to the city engineers to find out what can be done
to alleviate this problem.

3. Board elections were held. Loren Nielsen will be the president for the coming year.
John Trahey will be vice president, Jim Sommers will continue to be treasure and Annette Taylor
will be the secretary and webmaster for www.RiversEdgeLane.com .
Meeting was ajourned at 8:05 PM.

Questions/Additions, please email taylor.annette@gmail.com